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What to Expect

How quickly you attain symptom resolution depends upon several factors, namely; how severe the symptoms are; how long the symptoms have been there; and what positive or negative influences there are in your life. In general, consults are every other week in the beginning as symptoms change. This may become every three or four weeks as your condition stabilizes. After your symptoms have resolved, our goal is to slowly wean you off of any herbal treatments so that your body can manage itself.  In this way, herbal formulas are used to strengthen the body over time, and should not be seen as masking symptoms.  

What I Expect

The best patient is one who is first and foremost responsible for their health. This person may feel like they are doing everything right and still have some illness or symptoms.  This patient is committed to unraveling their health complaint as it changes over time, has a reasonable expectation of timeframe and is willing to make necessary changes to diet and lifestyle. The prospective patient must be aware of how they feel in the body to know what all of their symptoms are.  We can’t arrive at a classical diagnosis without this essential information.

The patient who is not a good fit is one who is not conscious and aware of their symptoms, is looking for a quick fix, or is not willing to make necessary diet and lifestyle changes.

I accept cases that I think I can make a positive impact in and with people I can establish a good working relationship with.  I will refer you to someone who is, if I don’t think I’m the best practitioner for your case.  It’s equally important that you feel comfortable and have a good rapport with me.  

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Madison, WI

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Take the Exit "South Towne Dr"
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