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March 3, 2011

Beating the Common Cold and Flu with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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Most people don’t realize that Chinese Medicine excels at treating the common cold and flu. Cold and Flu season can be a miserable time of year, especially if you’re one of the unfortunate people who seems to get sick from every passing sneeze or cough. As most people can’t afford to take off work anymore, they’re left dragging themselves out of bed, sniffing, aching, and feverish, to drag themselves into their job.

More often than not, people reach for over the counter cold and flu medications to both get some relief and to simply make it through the day. However, every time we make that choice, we pay a heavy price. Over the counter pharmaceuticals don’t actually get us over the cold or flu, they only suppress our immune system. The result is, we feel better temporarily, because the symptoms of us being sick are suppressed, but we get sicker in the long run. Nasal decongestants full of caffeine may get us through the first couple of days, but they easily set us up for bronchitis, walking pneumonia, or worse. They also weaken our immune system over time, by not allowing us to fight off the cold or flu like we are designed to.

Chinese Medicine, including Chinese Herbal Formulas and Acupuncture, on the other, excels at simultaneously fighting off the cold and flu bug, and at strengthening the immune system, helping to prevent us from getting sick in the future. Chinese Medicine ensures that we will be genuinely healthier faster and we will feel better sooner.

There are generally no side-effects with Chinese Medicine when it comes to treating the common cold/flu, either. Imagine your sinuses clearing up, and headache fading away, without that strange caffeinated feeling of most decongestants. Imagine feeling better right away, knowing that your cold and flu will clear up in a fraction of the time. When everyone starts bringing all sorts of sicknesses into work, it’s more important than ever to treat yourself with a medicine that really gets to the root of the problem, and doesn’t just treat the annoying symptoms.